Transportation is one of our community’s top contributors to climate change. Streets for Everyone is an Action Team of the Ashland Climate Collaborative working toward a vision that people of all ages, abilities, and means can choose to bike, walk, and roll throughout Ashland for their everyday travel needs, because it is safe, convenient, and efficient.

Email the City Council
by March 20 to Advocate
for Protected Bike Lanes
in Ashland!

Thanks to a huge outpouring of public support, the City of Ashland has included protected bike lanes on the bid documents for the repaving of Ashland Street.

That’s HUGE!

However, we all know that one street with protected bike lanes won’t make it practical or safe to make short, in-town trips by bike. Now is the time to contact the Council, if you haven’t previously, to express your support for protected bike lanes on other major streets. Please email them BEFORE March 20.

We’ve got momentum —
but we need the Council to vote “YES”
for protected bike lanes
on other major streets. 

If you’re among the 60 people who’ve already written to the Transportation Advisory Committee or who showed up to testify – thank you!  You don’t need to write again. But if you haven’t yet voiced your support for protected bike lanes, now is the time to email the Council. ( They are slated to study future planned improvements at a 3/20/2023 meeting and make a formal decision on April 4th whether to include projects that will make Ashland’s streets safer for everyone; people riding bikes and people driving cars.

We Need a
Connected Bike Network!

The Ashland City Council has an opportunity to make it practical, safe, and convenient. to walk or bike from anywhere to everywhere in Ashland for people of all ages and ability. This, in turn, will cut vehicle miles of travel and carbon emissions.

Read Streets for Everyone’s March 10, 2023, recommendations to the City Council.

Mike Vergeer supports the goals of ACC’s Streets for Everyone.

Through education, outreach, and policy advocacy, Streets for Everyone promotes proven strategies to increase the ability of Ashland residents of all ages and abilities to go anywhere in Ashland safely, conveniently, and efficiently by biking, walking, or rolling. 

Streets For Everyone is composed of local residents, businesses and community groups.
Our team:

  • Ariel Daniel
  • Gary Shaff
  • Mike Vergeer
  • Board liaison: Lorrie Kaplan

To join Streets for Everyone, or for more information, contact us.

Our Goals

  1. Mode Shift. Increase travel by biking, walking, and rolling in Ashland by 15 percent per decade between now and 2050.
  2. Reduced Emissions. Achieve net zero emissions from the transportation sector by 2050 by reducing vehicle miles of travel and electrifying the motor vehicle fleet. 
  3. Safety. Improve the safety of biking, walking, and rolling in Ashland.  
  4. Convenience. Improve the convenience and quality of biking, walking, and rolling in Ashland.  
  5. Reduced Traffic Congestion
  6. Equity/Affordability. Enhance affordability and social equity by making it easier to forgo car ownership.
  7. Quality of Life. Improve the quality of life, livability, and health of our community.

Streets for Everyone Seeks to Create a Community….

  • Where people feel safe choosing to bike, walk, or roll for their in-town travel
  • Where social equity and livability are prioritized
  • Where people enjoy neighborly social interactions and stress-free movement through shared public spaces.
  • Where we practice responsible environmental stewardship, reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and protecting air and water quality
  • Where children can bike, walk, and roll safely
  • Where essential workers can afford to live without having to own a car 
  • Where individuals young and old, with or without disabilities or other physical restrictions, feel included, safe, and comfortable on Ashland streets 
  • Where motorists feel safe sharing the road with people on bikes
  • Where streets are not congested
  • Where residents have affordable options for owning, sharing, and repairing their bikes and other mobility devices. 

Did you know that Ashland has a traffic calming and safety program? This is aimed to provide safer accessibility to those of us who walk, ride, or roll on the streets in town. You can download the Traffic Calming and Safety Improvement Program for free right here – watch our webinar about this program below!

In August 2021, Streets for Everyone co-hosted a webinar with Southern Oregon Climate Action Now entited “Rethinking Steets for Safety, Equity, Climate, Health, Affordability and Happiness,” with Dr. Marc Schlossberg, Professor, City & Regional Planning, and Co-Director of the Sustainable Cities Institute (SCI) of the University of Oregon School of Planning, Public Policy, and Management Check out the recording.