Our Story

Photo by Allen Hallmark

Climate change is here.
The actions we take over the coming years
will make an enormous difference.

The Ashland Climate Collaborative was formed in 2021 to serve as a hub for community-based action to reduce our climate footprint and build a resilient community. We energize, engage and mobilize the entire Ashland community to accelerate integrated, meaningful, scalable, and equitable climate solutions. We collaborate across our city, region, and state, building crucial networks to foster resilience for this generation and the next.

Our vision is a community that is healthy, equitable, culturally and economically vibrant, and in harmony with our natural environment. 

Everyone is welcome to participate: members of the community, City staff, public commissioners, other local climate and environmental organizations, businesses, and institutions.

We believe that Ashland residents want be part of the solution. Let’s work together to ensure a livable community for now and for future generations. 

Our Values

  1. Optimism: We know success is attainable.
  2. Equity: Our community works for all.
  3. Respect: We each experience climate change and solutions both as individuals and as members of our communities.
  4. Results-driven: We focus on solutions that are effective and enduring.
  5. Diversity: We believe that encouraging, including, and acting upon diverse voices improves our shared future.
  6. Strategic: We are thoughtful, creative, open-minded, and proactive, pursuing multiple paths to success.
  7. Responsible: We are obligated to care for current and future generations.

Our Goals

  1. Communicate  – heighten awareness
    1. The imperative for and benefits of climate action
    2. The case for a grassroots approach including integration of climate work into everything everybody does
    3. Climate action is both reducing emissions and building resilience: discuss priorities for both
    4. Available solutions, how to implement them, available incentives, etc. 
    5. local information on climate action.
  2. Create Capacity
    1. Organize Action Teams to provide leadership and consistent momentum to accomplish objectives on specific climate solutions (i.e, home electrification, improved bicycle infrastructure, electric landscaping, food waste, water letc.) 
    2. Facilitate the convening of self-defined organizational Networks to share best practices, solve problems, forge partnerships, and activate as needed.  Examples could include faith organizations, professional associations, neighborhoods, community clubs, and more.
    3. Facilitate effective partnerships with other local climate nonprofits
  3. Champion – advocate to local policymakers on climate action
  4. Connect – network with other community-based and organizations to share best practices and accelerate scalability 
  5. Count – ensure that we can measure and report our results
  6. Continuity – building an enduring organization 

The Ashland Climate Collaborative is an Oregon registered nonprofit. We are in the process of applying for our 501c3 federal nonprofit status.