Electrifying Your Home

Want to reduce your climate footprint? Electrifying your home is the most effective way to do it! Check back here often as we are always adding new information and resources. Also check out our project website Electrify Ashland Now.

You may be eligible for a rebate or financial assistance to install new appliances.  Check out The City of Ashland web site to learn more. 


Heat Pumps Explained – A Shallow Dive into the Technology (Zero Energy Buildings Learning Centre) (Video2:21 min.) See below for a more detailed explanation. 

Understanding Heat Pumps – A Deep Dive on Types of Heat Pumps. (This Old House) (Video 8:36 min.). Yep, this is a deep dive, but you’ll be rewarded by understanding how new technology has solved early issues with these systems in really cold climates – and how you can get precise heat – 77.5 degrees? You bet. 


NY Times: “The Case for Induction Cooking: As the perils of cooking with gas become more apparent, there’s ever more reason for cooks to turn to these flameless, easy-to-clean ranges.” March 11, 2022. 

5 Reasons to Consider Induction Cooking (Matt Risinger.com) (Video ) (Speed to Heat, Safety, Easy Clean Up, Prep for Net Zero, and Ending Gas Line Hook-Up Fees.) 

Induction Cooking with Chef David Wei (Video 3:34 min.) Watch a couple of dishes being made on an induction cooktop (WARNING: You may need to order Chinese after viewing.) 


This Old House: All About Heat Pump Water Heaters. Save big bucks while taking advantage of the existing heat in your home

How to Install an Electric Heat Pump Water Heater (This Old House) (Video 6:27 min.) This video explains how a heat pump water heater works and points out these water heaters usually require a little more vertical space, need a pipe for condensation (a location near a washing machine for example) and that they make a little bit of background noise you may want to consider when installing your new heat pump water heater. 


Exploring a Heat Pump Clothes Dryer (This Old House)  (Video 2:37 min.) 

No outside venting needed! This dryer technology can be installed nearly anywhere. Bonus: There are nifty animated graphics to explain how this technology works.