About Us

In early 2021, several leaders in the Ashland climate action community began discussing how best to accelerate community-wide climate action in Ashland to meet the goals of the Ashland’s Climate & Energy Action Plan (CEAP).  

Annual progress reports show clearly that while CEAP actions have been implemented, we are not on pace to meet our climate goals.  While the city of Ashland has a role in virtually all of the CEAP actions, many actions need to be driven and by members of the community–residents, businesses, nonprofits, and Ashland’s many official citizen commissions.

We all have a role in reducing our emissions and meeting Ashland’s climate goals. Collaboration and heightened visibility of climate issues and action will be keys to our success.

We believe that action is urgent.

Steering Committee

Lorrie Kaplan, Co-Chair

Lorrie is Chair of the Ashland Climate Action Project of Southern Oregon Climate Action Now. Lorrie has a background in nonprofit management, communications, advocacy, organizing, and strategic planning. She has lived in Ashland since 2019.

Rick Barth, Co-Chair

Rick is Chair of the City of Ashland Climate Policy Commission

Rick…… He has lived in Ashland since 20xx.

Becs Walker

Becs is the Sustainability and Recycling Manager at Southern Oregon University

Becs joined SOU in 2019 after 15 years with the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency. She earned a Masters Degree in Environmental Technology from the University of London.

Tonya Graham

Tonya is an Ashland City Councilor and Executive Director of the GEOS Institute, where she directs the Climate Ready Communities program, leads GEOS’s regional efforts and serves on a national working group to develop adaptation services.

Candace Turtle

Candace is Chair of Rotary of Ashland‘s Environmental Committee. Candace previously served as Development Manager at the Ashland Independent Film Festival.

Stu Green

Stu is Climate and Energy Analyst for the City of Ashland, where he is responsible for all aspects of implementing the City of Ashland’s comprehensive climate plan. As of January 2022, Stu has scaled back his role with the city and has taken a position with Forth Mobility.

Current Action Teams

Electrify Ashland Now!
  • Lorrie Kaplan
  • Bob Kaplan
  • Diarmuid McGuire
  • Mike Wright
Ashland Bicycle Advocacy Group
  • Linda Peterson Adams
  • Lorrie Kaplan
  • Gary Shaff
  • Louise Shawkat
  • Ann Smith
  • Mike Vergeer
Other Teams